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Leele Photography UX Design Logo & Web Design The Lowdown Exactly what I did on this project

I actually designed this logo for my cousin Jana who is a freelance photographer based out of western Montana. The responsive design was in fact a modification on a Wordpress Template, so I cannot take credit for their layout, I simply added her branding to it and created modifications to fit her aesthetic.

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Modification of a Wordpress Template to incorporate branding
  • Materials optimized for print and web
  • Responsive design implementation
The Story

Leele Photography is the design company for my cousin Jana based out of Western Montana. She does freelance photography and was looking for a place to showcased her work.

When making the website for her I had to consider that I would not be charging my standard client rates and so I decided to use a Wordpress Template that I could later modify to fit the aesthetics. This would save time in the short term but even more so on the long term as maintenance would be much easier. This also means I did not get as much creative influence on the layout, but I decided to pour my effort into forming her brand.

First I started with finding a nice typeface that I could modify and pull together. I did a combination of Mission Script and Lavanderia  both fonts from the Lost Type collection. I then designed the logo in Illustrator. For the graphic element I really wanted to make it look like a camera lens but also include a little hipster star for fun. The logo lent itself to a variety of variations which were perfect for both print and web. She started using it as a watermark on her photos but also had some nice stickers printed as good promotional pieces for her work.


I chose Mission Script and Lavenderia for the logo and Helvetica Neue for the web. I created slight modifications to the typeface to round the edges. This gave a hipster look.


Yet another hipster palette. I started with a dark brown and decided to accent it with a pastel turquoise then added just a small amount of pink. My original design for the website was going to have a white background but my cousin found that her photos looked best showcased on black and so the color scheme had to work on both. I modified the logo and discovered that the color scheme was much more versatile than I had thought it would be. Her photographs looked even better set against a black backdrop.

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