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I was flying solo designing this project from scratch. I received a spreadsheet of data tables. The business requirement was a software that can manage email campaigns, now go. These prototypes are the result.

  • UX and UI Design
  • Desktop Web Design
  • Software flow design
  • Refining software functionality and requirements
  • Wireframing and prototyping
The Story

This was one of those go for it projects with a very vague direction and a tight turnaround. I took a few nights with my sketchbook and my workspace was soon filled with pages like a beautiful mind attempting to make sense of the data and transform a spreadsheet into a software. There were so many unknowns, I hadn't even really seen the real data from the database.

I was inspired by Mail Chimp and really enjoyed their no frills simple design with large icons and a clear path to navigate through.

When it came time to driving the concept of the list builder from filter data table columns into a usable interface I spent a lot of time brainstorming. Which elements needed to be grouped together. Which order should they appear in so that the filters build upon each other. What data is a need to see and what is just cluttering the space.

Eventually I decided on a segmented approach with clear colorful headers like you would see on tabs of folders in a filing cabinet. This gives a clear delineation for each section without distracting from the flow.

I chose a folder tab navigation to jump through the main sections of this web application.

I wire-framed even more sections  but due to business priorities this project has been placed on a back burner. This project is scheduled to resume development in one year.

The wire-frames started on paper and were then moved to moqups. Check out the click through basic wire-frames.

I also have a link to my In Vision click through prototype you can visit to get some of the user flow.

AaBbCc123 Typography

I chose Helvetica Neue thin to keep a clean and modern look.


These are some pretty vibrant colors but essentially I wanted to imply some user interface elements with the colors. Green implies new. Yellow is - note this is something you should see but isn't too big of a deal. Red is a, warning you need to deal with this.

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