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I was the sole designer assigned to this project. This project was a concept design so I worked alone to complete every UX and UI element. This project got re-prioritized and has not yet been scheduled for development.

  • UX and UI Design
  • Desktop Web Design
  • Mobile Player Interface Design
  • Unique Pagination Design
  • Unique Search Design including Search by Category
The Story

The Music Player project was a fun and exciting concept project attempting to re-invent a modern looking playlist as well as designing a unique minimalist music player experience.

First I worked on the designing the desktop experience starting with a grid of artists showing the artist and album title. This grid of musicians was going to be really large and so I needed to design some pagination.

I explored my usual design inspiration destinations including behance and dribbble and discovered a clever tabbing idea for a social application. I thought it would be interesting to take that tabbing idea and add a directional arrow applying it to the pagination. This would give it a unique and vibrant look while providing clear feedback for the user about where they are at.

The mobile player interface needed to be as modern and minimal as possible. I thought why not simply display the play/ pause button over the album art and use a gradient circle to represent the progress bar. The intention with the design was to mimic the design of a record player.


Typography needed to be modern and crisp. I chose Avenir for the typeface.


In chosing the color palette I wanted something really flashy with a tint of hipster vibe. This is why I chose a bright turquoise to contrast a bright red that sways pink. The pagination also has a hint of mint, all popular colors at the time.

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