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This was a design proposed to a client needing a modern interface for their niche service. Essentially it was a job directory service for technical professionals. The service needed a landing home page to encourage people to sign up but also a clean ui for the users to start looking for job or task postings.

  • Web Design and Branding
  • Modern, clean UX/UI Design
  • Creative display for search results
  • Clean way to represent tags and filters
The Story

I have made the tech service logo and details private to respect the client's identity but it was a bid design request. Essentially the client wanted a very clean and easy to use interface for their existing tool that was difficult to use and outdated.

Showing the search results in a clever way that made the information easy to digest was very important. This is where I decided to incorporate color to represent each working category. My intention was to over time train the user to visually separate these results based on their heading color, while also allowing for some pleasant color combinations to drive visual interest.

I decided to incorporate a throwback which is the lifted page corner. Though this was very popular at one time in the web it kind of fell out of style because of flat ui. This design was a sort of blend of flat ui and beveled gradients. The gradients and shadows create some depth along with the off white background and the lifted page corners.

This is very much following the gridded results trend pioneered by Pinterest. This is a clever way of digesting a snapshot of information and allowing for easy comparisons between results simply because of their side by side layout.

The home landing page was intended to highlight the selling points of this company while also showing some testimonials from big clients. The text is Lorem Ipsum to respect the privacy of the client.

The second page which shows the search application needed to be clean and functional. Essentially users could add many different filters to optimize the results so each of these sections required adequate space and flexibility. Also the search results though stacked vertically, needed to be clean and very easy to read.

There was also a featured content section that was requested to be incorporated in the design of the side bar.

Typography AaBbCc123 AaBbCc123

For the logo I was still in my Bebas Neue phase so I felt it was a good choice. For the text of the page I used PT Sans a Google web safe font that is easy to read and creates a clean and balanced look.


This website required a more professional palette of bright colors that go well together and do not distract the user. Each category listing having a featured header color also created some visual separation.

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